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In this first episode I discuss the healing crisis experience of healing psoriasis naturally. Things typically get worse before they get better and there are many symptoms associated with the healing process that can FREAK YOU OUT! We’ll figure it out. Go to for my full article on this.

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  • You correct matt . Some of the part of detoxification is my eczema is pop up. And it’s all over my my face . So what I do. Have enough rest. Drink lot of water. Exercise. By the way the organic castor oil that you recommend delivered today. At it helps to remove some of the dryness In my skin. More power to your podcast
    Stay safe.

    • Hi James – Yes, symptoms all over the map come about during healing, depending on where the infection is rooted in your body. Where the lymph nodes are most overworked and swollen. The skin helps out all over all the time.

      How is it going with the castor oil? Castor oil is saving my skin, especially my lower legs with the castor oil wraps. My skin is healing beautifully btw. How is your skin healing?

      The podcast is coming back next week and I will be consistent with publishing episodes.

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